Music in Healthcare Settings: Training Trainers

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The concept of the project is grounded on the following assertions:
1/ everyone has a right to access live music regardless of their circumstance
2/ musicians need to develop specific competences to work in healthcare settings and thus to increase their employability through the development of a new approach: music on a one-to-one basis, at the bedside, workshops, ambulatory concerts, playing for and with patients, families, and staff, strong partnership with healthcare staff.

The objectives of this project are to:
- develop and deliver a 25 day training programme for selected Irish, Finnish and UK musicians to become Trainers. These selected musicians are already experienced in working in healthcare settings  and this programme will enable the Partner organizations and these musicians to establish their own training programmes.
transfer Musique & Santé's expertise in training musicians to explore and acquire the necessary competences to work in healthcare settings.
- adapt this training to local and national contexts so that the project Partners and the trained musicians can develop bespoke training programmes, adapted to their context, and allow musicians to address local needs and partnerships.
- advocate to local and national stakeholders, decision- and policy-makers, health, culture,  education professionals, and the media in order to raise greater awareness of this work.

The RNCM, Music Network and the Turku University of Applied Sciences are keen to further develop their national skills base by providing these selected musicians with the skills to lead local and national training programmes in music in healthcare settings.

The project will directly address a gap in the provision of training in this burgeoning field of work. Partnerships with local health settings will be underpinned by these new professional training programmes and the developing skills base will help to generate employment opportunities.


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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